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Car Rental Treviso

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Location information for Treviso

Car rental Treviso
Car rental Treviso


Treviso is the capital of the Veneto province. It is a small and cozy capital; picturesque. In Roman times this now small town was certainly significant. At the moment, it is above all known as the home of the founder of Benetton.


Treviso has only 31,000 inhabitants. Its most famous inhabitant ever (in modern times) is Luciano Benetton, the 'father' of the clothing brand with the same name.


Treviso is located some 50 kilometers to the south of the Dolomites, which makes it a suitable base from which to visit the mountains. It is also possible to make a day trip to Venice from Treviso. It is located at less than 50 kilometers.

After the Second World War, Treviso has built a clothing, sunglass and ski-boot industry. The clothes industry is characterized by Benetton: a large international player in the textiles industry. In (the vicinity of) Treviso, 80% of the world's sunglasses and ski boots are made. These industries are threatened in the medium to long term by increasing competition from the Chinese. In addition to these industries, Treviso is also known for its wines.

Near Treviso, Guiseppe Airport is located. On this small airport, domestic flights and a number of international flights are processed. The international flights are mainly from major cities like Brussels and London.

Public transport

This picturesque town has no city buses or anything of the sort. However, Treviso is well-connected to other cities like Venice. By train, you will be in Venice within half an hour. You can also take the bus to many other cities in the region.

Traffic and Parking

In Treviso, there are no traffic or parking problems. It is very accessible by car, and in addition it is easy to drive to Venice.


Treviso has only one hotel. Outside the city, there are about 10 hotels. If you do not have a car, this is not ideal. So if you do want to stay in the city, make sure you book in advance.

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